If you’re reading this, you’re likely someone who sees potential others miss. You’ve achieved a great deal without always conforming to conventional wisdom. You’ve succeeded in the face of doubt and often discounted your own talents and gifts. At the same time you’re driven by learning and curiosity, and the recognition of untapped potential. If this feels like you, read on…

What I do is act on my belief that we live in a world of infinite possibilities, and that we can free ourselves to create an amazing life and make a true impact. I serve people who want support to do likewise, to elevate their experience and amplify their impact exponentially.

My name is Lynn, and I have a track record of authentic and bold leadership. I’m a pioneer and change-maker, ready to redefine myself to meet the new world continuously evolving before our eyes. I have a background in business, nonprofits and government, with more than 30 years as business owner, executive, advocate, consultant, coach and facilitator.

If you’re ready to reinvent your life or your business, or take either of them to the next level, you and I should have a conversation.


High-impact Coaching

Remember how powerful you are. Mine the experience you’re in to find what it’s there to teach. See how you hold yourself back. Be supported as you up-level your impact and satisfaction in life and work.

Strategic Planning

Unlock the synergy of a clear mission, shared vision and values, and accelerate momentum toward your organization’s goals. Position yourself for strong performance now and during times of dynamic change.

Management Consulting

Develop teams, engage stakeholders, align workplace health and culture and cultivate individuals to mobilize aligned, strategic action amplify impact. 


Lynn Montei's facilitation resulted in a clear, articulate and actionable strategic plan for our village that we can truly claim as our own and, as a Board, wholeheartedly endorse. We could not have synthesized our ideas into as coherent a plan without her insight and experience with the strategic planning process.