Do you have that sinking feeling things are good… but not great? You’re meeting the goals… but that no longer satisfies. And there are those dreams whose absence you tolerate. That inside voice just doesn’t go away.

You’re aware you’ve settled, that even your greatest assets are becoming impediments to your next level of success. You ponder what to do differently, but the clarity is simply not there. Please take heart, and consider this.

When was the last time someone truly saw your genius and believed in you powerfully? When did you have help recognizing how you get in your own way? Has anyone ever provided the kind of support that helped you be accountable to your own dreams? When was the last time such a person said to you exactly what you needed to hear?

High-impact coaching is for those wanting to tap latent potential, creativity, intuition, genius. It’s impossible to find your way to what you can’t conceive as possible, those things and conditions beyond your personal history and comfort level, beyond your “known.”

Coaching is timely support for the discoveries, releases, skills and strategies you need. It results in shifts from motivation to inspiration, and up-levels personal and professional impact out of clarity and alignment to your personal power. It results in a new way of showing up in the world, in alignment and in the fullness of who you are.

A generous act: It’s not too bold to say that when you live into your fullness, you’re gifting others far more than yourself. Your way of being, your inspired action and, consequently, your influence make a powerful difference in the world.

It could not be more true that the answers to your questions aren't found in someone or something outside of yourself. Everything is actually waiting on you. Call or write to explore and experience a powerful coaching conversation with Lynn.

"Working with Lynn brings an entirely new perspective to what a “future” can become and depends upon you to create it. The insight, truth-seeking and complete attention offered by Lynn made me a believer in myself, and helped me see that I can indeed turn potential into realities. It shifted my thinking in ways I could never have predicted."

Individual Breakthroughs Planning Intensive

The key component to Individual Breakthroughs is the Planning Intensive, which can span one to two days of immersive work. It is a series of innovative conversational exercises designed to generate inspired and rapid movement toward a new and empowered vantage point for life and work.

During the Planning Intensive, we will:

  • Identify and clearly depict current conditions and factors

  • Express personal purpose, core values and passion

  • Cultivate newfound clarity and alignment

  • Define an inspired personal vision and concrete path forward

By the end of the Intensive we will have refined the your expression of purpose, generated a crystallized vision for a specific date in the future, established goals to attain that vision, and identified action steps to achieve the goals.

The experience may be preceded by an in-person session to get acquainted. After the Planning Intensive, Lynn will prepare a written report and synthesize the output into your personal Breakthrough Plan.

The tangible deliverable is a Breakthrough Plan which commits to writing what we developed in the session—it will be your guide to achieving the future we mapped out. Even more powerful is an intangible deliverable—new clarity on and alignment with the future you envision, accompanied by strengthened belief in yourself.

Call us to begin your Individual Breakthrough, and the personal Breakthrough Plan to guide you toward your goals.