Strategic Planning is for organizations and businesses, or their subdivisions, who want to unlock the power and synergy of a shared trajectory, and build the momentum to propel them toward their goals. A strategic plan can serve as an organizational roadmap, a budgeting tool, a marketing device and an orientation manual all in one. Because your strategic plan will inform every decision, its impact will be felt immediately.

Great strategic plans result from clarity, focus and a dynamic framework from which your intentions, goals and strategies flow. Like a blueprint for new construction, its purpose, vision and unmistakable direction ring true, inspiring you and your stakeholders to bold and meaningful achievement.

Effective strategic plans are not externally designed but arise directly out of the systems they serve. You and your stakeholders bring content expertise, while we design the means for people, ideas and wisdom to connect and coalesce. Our processes make visible all you need in order to identify, articulate and set an inspiring course for the future you want to create.

If you would like to inspire belief in the worthy work of your organization or business, and reduce resistance and doubt, this is your opportunity. As your system opens itself up to creativity and alignment with its shared mission, vision and values, it will dramatically reduce problem-focused production loss, replaced, instead, with priority projects having widespread, enthusiastic support.


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Learning Conversations

All the knowledge and insight needed to create your plan already exists within your organization or business. What's missing is an integration of diverse stakeholder perspectives. Through a series of learning conversations with these stakeholders, we'll elevate the level of discourse and pave the way to new awareness and understanding. Our process is based on principles of engagement and whole and organic systems, and emphasizes creativity over reactivity, resulting in a bold plan that coalesces from within, with ownership from all stakeholders.

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Implementation Plans 

Strategic plans give general direction and strategy without defining specific tactics or implementation steps. For that reason, many organizations also request assistance in developing an implementation plan that will bring their strategy to life. The implementation plan is a valuable management tool that translates the strategic plan into straightforward, concrete action steps and deliverables to achieve its aims. It may also indicate responsible parties, target dates, budgetary impact and level of priority. Let us help you hit the ground running and accelerate your momentum with your own implementation plan. 

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Leverage our guidance and expertise to develop meaningful metrics, dashboards and progress reports that are easy to read and prepare, and that make your activities and progress transparent to stakeholders.