What makes your workplace complex and challenging? Is it organizational culture, heightened demand for speed and agility, technology upgrades, or stagnant or shrinking resources? These are just a few of the challenges that swirl in today's organizations and businesses. 

Management is charged with a seemingly impossible task: Make it work! But that may leave more questions than answers. What do we need to do differently? What is limiting us? Can we elevate our capability? What inspires personal accountability? What would restore optimism and fun? How do we access our creativity? What is sustainable?

Lynn Montei can help.

We offer customized management consulting services—including Culture Alignment, Team Leadership Development, Stakeholder Engagement and Coaching—to engage these questions and help you catalyze the shifts and changes necessary to make it work.


Team Leadership Development

Quality, high-performance teams profoundly benefit their organization in responsiveness, productivity, versatility, strategic positioning and capacity for quick action.

By assembling teams with cross-functional and multi-level participation, team dynamics mirror the dynamics of the organization as a whole. Team leadership offers the potential to build effective relationships, align vision and goals, and integrate ownership and accountability organization-wide. This holds true across all sectors.

Integrate the benefits of high-efficiency collaboration into your organization. Contact Lynn Montei Consulting to develop and cultivate your team through designed learning experiences that optimize critical thinking, leadership, understanding and performance.

Stakeholder Engagement

Research has found that connecting people in relationship across sectors, interest groups, and other categories of affiliation elevates the dialogue and increases individual capability and understanding. We have seen the evidence that it can shift dialogue from positional or adversarial to solution orientation. Why not help your stakeholders develop a more grounded, wider view and understanding of interrelationship? Let's explore how to cultivate this important asset.  


Becoming the creative force in your own life and work is an unrealized dream for most people, and the source of energy, enthusiasm and genuine satisfaction for those who dare. Yet it is quite uncommon to hear people talk about reaching their highest potential. It is as if greatness is reserved for others, people more special, better connected, born with more extraordinary gifts and talents.

Those who choose leadership, executive, or personal purpose coaching are individuals who have awakened to the realization that they can and want to aspire to something more—greater freedom, a more rewarding career, a profound way of contributing to the world, or a desire to experience life more fully.

Workplace Health and Culture Alignment

Peter Drucker's famed quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" aptly reflects the experience of organizations who have tried to plan their way to improved performance without acknowledging the influence of historic workforce practices, habits and patterns of thought. Organizational health and culture can intentionally be aligned with strategy, and it's well worth the investment. Let us show you how.


"Lynn provides individual coaching that begins with a mutually agreed-upon timeline to achieve specific goals. Along with a focus on results, Lynn's approach is personal and warm. She emphasizes joy and balance with a process that recognizes patterns, addresses problems, and leads to increased well-being in the workplace and beyond."